Help Keep Bastrop’s Community clean

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Every year we have tens of thousands of volunteers who help to keep this city clean. That wasn’t a typo.  We have the people of Bastrop to thank for their time and generousity.

In May and June of this year, severe storms, high winds and tornadoes hit the area hard.  Many volunteers along with service groups and paid contractors came together in order to remove the debris and clean up the badly damaged homes.  The volunteers were required to wear long pants and rubber boots for their safety.  There was protective gear that was given to the volunteers however.

While most volunteer activities solely focus on outside efforts, their are plenty of volunteers needed for indoor efforts.  Home clean-up and minor home repairs still are needed.  I have had the pleasure to work on some volunteer projects.  Last year with the help of a handy Panasonic mc-cg917 vacuum that was donated and some elbow grease we were able to help clean out some homes.  The Panasonic mc-cg917 canister vacuum really came in handy as it is versatile and easy to carry around.  There was a lot of dust and dirt that needed to be removed.  Tip:  If you are looking for a great long lasting canister vac, then try this one.  The reviews on the Panasonic mc-cg917 are great!

For more information on how you can volunteer, please call:  (512) 521-3001 or visit

Enjoy Sewing and Quilting at your Leisure

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Sewing can be a fun hobby for both the young and old.  It can also be apart of a lucrative business venture.  Whatever your reasoning, make sure to engage with the best equipment and tools you may need.  Here are some quick tips to get you started:

For Beginners:

Use sites like and to sign up for a beginner’s sewing class.  Both of the sites are easy to navigate and you can find a class that is in your area.  If you are a beginner sewer, you made find it easier in a group setting since you will not be alone.

You will get hands on practice with the latest equipment.  The instructors will use modern sewing machines such as the popular Singer 7258.  The Singer sewing machhines have been in my family for decades.  Many people agree from their Singer 7258 reviews that this is a solid machine.  You will more than likely will be able to bring your own sewing machine.

You can even stop in at Lost Pines Quilt Shop on Chestnut Street and view the array of beautiful quilts and accessories.

So, get out there and support your local business.